Korosho hai kutoka Tanzania

Kutoka Kwa Asili Na Upendo

Kutoka kwa asili na upendo

Biotan ni mchakataji na msafirishaji wa Korosho za Kikaboni.

Kiwanda chetu cha usindikaji kipo Dar es Salaam na tunafanya kazi na wakulima wadogo wa Mkoa wa Pwani. Tunawapanga wakulima wetu katika Vikundi vya Wakulima Hai na wanatupatia Korosho za Kitanzania za kipekee. 

Tumejitolea kwa mazoea ya biashara ya kikaboni na maadili pamoja na kukuza biashara endelevu inayosimamia mnyororo wa thamani wa mazao ya kilimo-hai (korosho na korosho tufaha) kutoka Tanzania.


No synthetic pesticides and chemical fertilizers


Transfer of value and fair working conditions to every sector in the chain.


Record keeping, traceability, documentation


Health & sustainability for humans, animals, plants and
our planet

Our processes

It takes a long way to get the cashew into your hand

It takes a long way to get the cashew into your hand. The journey from the farm in Tanzania to the shelf of a shop takes a long time and involves several processing steps.

Harvesting & Sun Drying

Farm level


Cashew apples are usually collected after they have ripened and fallen from the tree. After that they are dried in the sunlight for several days so that they can be stored for processing.

Sizing and Steam cooking

Processing factory

Sizing & Steaming

The first step in processing is sizing the raw cashew kernels into different sizes. Then they are treated with hot steam for 20 minutes in order to prepare them for shelling.


Processing Factory


Now it comes to the very complex process of shelling. At BIOTAN we have automatic machines for this step but also we do manual shelling for the very big kernels and very small kernels which come out unshelled from the machines.

Drying & Peeling

Processing Factory

Drying & Peeling

Now the kernels have to be dried so that the testa, a thin skin as we know it from peanuts, can be easily rubbed off in the next step by a machine.

Sorting & Grading

Processing Factory

Sorting & Grading

Now the kernels are sorted into different sizes and colors and separated from brokens. Rests of testa are removed and made ready for packaging.

Vacuum Packaging & Shipping

Processing Factory

Vacuum packing & Shipping

In a final sept we pack them in vacuum bags of 25 pounds. Two vacuum bags fit into one box and 700 boxes are shipped in one 20 feet container.
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Organic Cashew Nut Processing Factory

In our processing factory at Mbagala Industrial Area/Dar es Salaam we handle more than 2,000 tons of Organic Raw Cashew Nuts per year. Our team includes more than 320 people who work in different sections from shelling, drying, peeling up to sorting and grading. (s. fotos above)

Organic grower Groups

Our organic certified farmers are organized in a so called “Organic Grower Group”. Most of the farmers are very small scale farmers with only a few acres of land.

Demo & Research Farm

Our Demo & Research Farm at Vikindu/Vianzi in Mkuranga district is a location where we started various activities to demonstrate innovative ways of organic cashew nut farming. We also started research about pest control, farming technics and new ways of high density plantation.


Our Company has a Organic Certificate according to EU and North America Regulations.

Certified by ECOCERT SA – TZ-BIO-154