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BIOTAN is a processor and exporter of Organic Cashew Nuts. 

We are working with small holder farmers as the suppliers of organic cashew nuts to our processing facility. 

BIOTAN is a start-up company which started operations in 2016 in Tanzania. While Tanzania has a huge potential in growing cashew nuts and the country is the eighth largest producer of cashew nuts in the world, almost 90% of the value chain from the farmers to the consumer is made outside of Tanzania, mainly by Indian and Vietnamese companies, which buy the raw cashew nuts and ship it to Asia for further processing.

BIOTAN is facing this challenge and in a first step the company has implemented a cashew nut processing factory with a capacity of 2.000 tons of raw cashew nuts per year. We sell our Organic Cashew Nuts mainly to European buyers.

Through our activities we managed to create more than 350 jobs at our factory. We buy the raw cashew nuts from more than 950 farmers, who now have a reliable client and sustainable income.

Best Quality and High Standards.

Tanzania is known worldwide for the high quality of its Cashew nuts. The special taste and flavor of Tanzanian Cashew nuts is unique. Our aim is to process the cashew nuts locally in Tanzania and avoid long transport ways to other countries including re-distrbution to Europe, China and USA. Our small scale farmers get training and assistance to insure consistent quality and volumes and we help them to be more resilient against climate change and changing weather conditions. We work in close cooperation with cooperatives and Tanzanian authorities from the District administrations as well as the Cashew Nut Board of Tanzania (CBT).

What we do

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No synthetic synthetic pesticides and chemical fertilizers


No synthetic pesticides and chemical fertilizers


No synthetic pesticides and chemical fertilizers

What we do

We process Organic Cashew Nuts which we buy from small holder farmers

Organic grower Groups

Our organic certified farmers are organized in a so called “Organic Grower Group”. Most of the farmers are very small scale farmers with only a few acres of land.

Demo & Research Farm

Our Demo & Research Farm at Vianzi in Mkuranga district is a location where we started various activities to demonstrate innovative ways of organic cashew nut farming. We also started research about pest control, farming technics
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